5 Popular Countertop Materials For Your Kitchen

Kitchen design incorporates a variety of elements. Each plays a vital part in bringing your concept to life, from what appliances you choose to the color scheme for your worktops and interiors. One area that is not just important for function but also style is your countertops. This surface area will give you a foundation to prepare food and also ties your design ideas together. 

How do you decide on the best option with the vast array of countertop materials to choose from? Check out some of the popular kitchen countertop materials below to find out:

Quartz countertops

Quartz is an excellent example of getting a high-end look in your kitchen without the high maintenance compared to other materials. It is one of the hardest minerals on the planet and is resistant to staining and marks, which is perfect for a busy family kitchen. This material is also extremely durable, and there is more consistency within the colors from slab to slab. The finish of quartz has a glossy look and creates a luxury aesthetic in the kitchen space. Take a look at some of the best quartz kitchen countertops for examples of this material. 

Marble countertops

Marble is synonymous with luxury and is used in low-traffic kitchen spaces. The material is more fragile than other options as it has a porous surface and may stain easily. This natural material is beautifully unique and can vary from slab to slab in color and veining. There is a range of matte and glossy finishes depending on your requirements. 

Granite countertops

Granite is a natural product that originates from a variety of sources across the world. It has a raw and unmatched beauty, and the look may vary from slab to slab. While this material is durable, it does require some maintenance, such as sealing every 10-15 years. This sealant protects the granite from oil penetration and staining, so ask your vendor what is required when selecting this material for your kitchen. 

Solid synthetic countertops

Solid surfaces made from synthetic materials are a popular choice in kitchens. This countertop material is nonporous and is heat and stain-resistant. Over time you may see some scratches on the surface, but these can usually be removed with buffing. If you’re looking for a consistent color or pattern match, this is an excellent option as there is a wide selection of colors and styles. Most solid surfaces have a matte finish and vary in price depending on the color choice. 

Solid wood countertops

Wood is another option for kitchen countertops, especially if you want to add warmth to the interiors. However, it is mainly recommended that wood be used as a focal point rather than the whole surface of the kitchen. Wood is high maintenance and scratches easily. It is also susceptible to damage from water and general kitchen items. This style of countertop is usually matte, but you can have a high gloss applied to the surface for a smooth appearance. 

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